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Hydro-Logic - Evolution-RO1000 High Flow RO System, 1000 GPD (HL31023)(728992)

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Hydro-Logic - Evolution-RO1000 High Flow RO System, 1000 GPD (HL31023)(728992)
Hydro-Logic - Evolution-RO1000 High Flow RO System, 1000 GPD (HL31023)(728992)Hydro-Logic - Evolution-RO1000 RO System 1000 GPD - Diagram (HL31023)(728992)
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21.7 lb
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21 × 11 × 11 in
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The EvolutionRO1000 is a reverse osmosis water filter unit. It uses water pressure to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water, under pressure, is forced through semi-permeable membrane to filter out minerals and impurities. Treated drinking water goes through the blue line. Minerals and impurities are sent to the drain with RO waste water though the black line. The system includes a replaceable carbon pre-filter and 2 membrane elements. The pre-filter reduces sand, silt, dirt, rust particles, other sediments, chlorine, chloramines, iron and sulfur from the incoming water supply before they enter the RO membrane elements. An optional high capacity pre-filter, the Pre-Evolution, is available to add 2 extra stages of pre-filtration. This will help further reduce the contaminants listed above as well as cut down on filter changes and maintenance of the EvolutionRO1000. An optional De-Ionization post-filter will remove any remaining PPM of TDS in the water.

High flow reverse osmosis system. Capable of producing 1,000 gallons per day.

Includes two RO membranes (HL22045), one KDF/Carbon material filter (HL22043), and all required fittings.

The Pre-Evolution(HL31027) is recommended if more than 150 gallons per week is produced.



Hydro-Logic RO Water Filters

Hydro-Logic Purification Systems specializes in a wide range of professional quality water purification products designed for use in many applications including gardening and hydroponics, residential, aquarium, or commercial. We have the most efficient water purifiers in the industry, saving you time as well as money. From a backyard gardener to a professional coffee roaster, our customers appreciate our cutting-edge technology, simple set-up, affordable pricing and of course, amazing results.

Hydro-Logic Purification Systems is an earth friendly company that utilizes local resources for their products. They source as many US made components as feasible. Many of their systems, like the Evolution-RO1000 and Hyper-Logic Commercial RO, are completely manufactured in the USA. Hydro-Logic incorporates earth friendly, green technologies like the green coconut carbon filter, made from eco-friendly coconut husks rather than traditionally mined carbon.

Fresh water scarcity is a growing issue worldwide. It is imperative we conserve as much fresh water as possible. That is why we strive for ultra-efficient technologies and offer choices in reverse osmosis water ratios for our customers. Hydro-Logic pioneered the “reverse ratio” technology that saves 75% of the drain water that comparable RO system waste.

Count on Hydro-Logic for simple, smart, affordable water purification, that keeps the earth in mind. Now anyone can enjoy unlimited amounts of crystal clear water in their home, garden, or for their business and achieve the best results imaginable!

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