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Hydro Innovations - 8" Ice Box Pro (HSIBP8)

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Hydro Innovations - 8" Ice Box Pro Water Cooled A/C (HSIBP8)
Hydro Innovations - 8" Ice Box Pro Water Cooled A/C (HSIBP8)Hydro Innovations - 8" Ice Box Pro Water Cooled A/C (HSIBP8)
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20 lb
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Chilled water A/C where and when you need it. This is the original Ice Box on steroids—complete with a stand and appropriately sized Max Fan. Circulate cold water through it and get up to 6,500 BTUs of cooling. Excellent for small spaces or as a supplemental A/C for large spaces.

  • Stand
  • Appropriately sized Max Fan
  • 8" Ice Box unit


Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations proves that there are a lot of cutting edge products that can be made to improve indoor gardening, their focus is primarily in the area of heat control in the grow room.

Every product is manufactured with environmental consciousness high on the priority list allowing you, the grower, to save both money and energy! Hydro Innovations products do exactly what we say they’ll do and have been tested extensively in actual indoor-growing environments.

New garden technology releasing regularly from Hydro Innovations; Chillers, Air Handlers, Pumps and Dehumidifiers to name a few. Keep an eye out for a constant stream of new products from Hydro Innovations.

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