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AutoPot - FlexiTank 105 gallon (AWFT0105)

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AutoPot - FlexiTank 105 gallon (AWFT0105)
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Struggling to fit a plastic reservoir into your car or home is now a thing of the past! The FlexiTank range is available in a variety of sizes and revolutionizes water storage for every gardener, whether on a domestic or commercial scale. FlexiTanks reduce storage and shipping costs and take minutes to assemble, no tools required. Everything a gardener needs in one compact box. It really couldn't be simpler. Diameter when full of water: 26.8". Height when full of water: 43.7".

• Fully collapsible
• Fold away into one compact box
• Lightweight and durable
• Easy to ship and store
• No tools required for assembly
• Fits where other reservoirs cannot go

Available in the following sizes; 25 gal, 60 gal, 105 gal, 200 gal and 265 gal



AutoPot - Flexitanks & Irrigation Systems

AutoPot offers several easy to use, largely gravity fed automatic irrigation systems as well as very convenient and affordable water storage. Theirs are among the most popular systems on the market with their 1Pot and 4Pot modules being best sellers in both Europe and the US. Their flexitank reervoirs are of the highest quality materials and construction and are rivaled by none in the industry.

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