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Bushman - Flex Hose Kit to Connect Multiple Tanks (BFHK01)

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Flex Hose Kit to Connect Multiple Rain Tanks (BFHK01)
Flex Hose Kit to Connect Multiple Rain Tanks (BFHK01)Bushman Rain Harvesting Logo
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6 lb
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Bushman™ Multiple Tank Connection Kit / Flex Hose Kit

When additional water storage is required, Bushman recommends using the Bushman flex hose kit (Part No. BFH-K01) to connect multiple above ground tanks together. Linking together two or three tanks allows for additional water storage capacity.

It is recommended that the overflow be located on the same tank as the water intake
and water diverter assembly.

The Multiple Tank Connection Kit includes:

  • One flex hose with adapter installed
  • Two 90° elbows
  • One adapter
  • One ball valve
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Installation instructions



Bushman - Rain Harvesting Tanks & First Flush Accessories

Bushman rainwater harvesting systems are manufactured in the USA, they offer many choices for your water storage needs - individual rain tanks, multi-tank, and total systems that have customizable configurations.

Due to severe droughts, rainwater harvesting is now more popular than ever. Not only will rain harvesting systems help with water shortages, but using rainwater in your garden can actually help plants grow faster! Since harvesting rainwater is relatively new to the USA, many of the available tanks and barrels are not suitable for the average home and garden; They are either too small or too large.

Bushman has designed rainwater harvesting tanks that may be a better fit for your smaller residential and commercial needs. Bushman rainwater harvesting systems offers two lines of tanks, including a Slimline Series and a Round Series, which allow customers to choose which style fits their application best. All tanks come with features and benefits that set them apart from conventional farm tanks, allowing customers to store rainwater safely for months at a time.

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