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American Hydroponics - 2012HL Complete Hydroponic System - Lettuce (AH93075HF)

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American Hydroponics - 2012HL Complete Hydroponic System - Lettuce (AH93075HF)
American Hydroponics - 2012HL Complete Hydroponic System - Lettuce (AH93075HF)American Hydroponics - 2012HL Complete Hydroponic System - Lettuce (AH93075HF)American Hydroponics - 2012HL Complete Hydroponic System - Lettuce (AH93075HF)American Hydroponics - 2012HL Complete Hydroponic System - Lettuce (AH93075HF)
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Description and Overview 

2012HL COMPLETE SYSTEM (1152 Total Sites!)

The 2012HL Complete system takes all the guess-work out of growing hydroponically.  Complete with everything you need to get the system up and running including the Autogrow NutriDose 1 system with PC Interface. This system comes with everything from the Standard system (initial water analysis package, steel table frame, growing channels, all feed and return plumbing, 150 gallon reservoir, submersible pump, channel scrub brushes with long handle, end caps, float valve and float valve plumb kit) but also includes the NutriDose 1 which monitors your reservoir for nutrient and pH 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Also included is the NutriDose PC Interface Package that enables the grower to log in remotely from a Windows PC to monitor data and control the system remotely. Everything needed to grow either basil or lettuce including top-of-the-line Paramount Seeds and crop specific nutrients. Components included are as follows:

  • Water Analysis package with instructions. To be completed before system is setup.
  • (1) 20' x 12' steel table frame
  • (2) 10' covered collectors with Drip Cap
  • (2) 10' Feeder Manifolds with grommets, micro-tubes and 1" control valves
  • (32) 12' Finishing Channels - Channels have 18 sites per channel (576 sites total)
  • (8) 12' Nursery Channels - Channels have 72 sites per channel (576 sites total)
  • (1) 150 gallon reservoir
  • (1) Rio 32HF submersible pump
  • (2) channel scrub brushes
  • (1) 12' handle for scrub brush
  • (1) Float Valve
  • (1) Float Valve Plumbing Kit
  • (1) Instructions
  • All necessary feed and return plumbing

2012HL Growing Supplies

The 2012HL Growing Supplies - provides enough growing supplies for 3 months. Components included are as follows:

  • (2) 5 gallon stock tanks with covers (for nutrients)
  • (1) 1 gallon acid tank (for pH adjuster)
  • (1) NutriTest Pro
  • (350) Lettuce or Basil Bags
  • (1) Case of LC1-1" Oasis cubes (enough for approximately 3 months)
  • (1000) Top-of-the-line pelleted Butterhead lettuce seeds

~ OR ~

  • (1) 1oz packet of Genoveser Basil seeds. (enough for 4+ crop turns)
  • (2) Gallons of 10% pH down
  • (3) 8kg batches of Lettuce or Tasmin Bay (Basil) 2-part nutrients (enough for 3+ months)

Three Tray Propagation System

The Three Tray Propagation System is an automated 3-tray propagation system for propagating seeds for the 2012HL NFT system. Propagation, being one of the most crucial steps for a healthy crop rotation, is very important to get right the first time. If seedlings are not healthy out of the gate, the plant will suffer through adulthood. Components included are as follows:

  • (1) Table Frame
  • (3) AmHydro propagation trays with fill/drain fittings
  • (1) 30 gallon reservoir with cover (EPI)
  • (1) Float Valve
  • (1) Float Valve Plumb Kit
  • (1) Timer TN311C
  • (1) Collector with drain plumbing
  • (1) Feeder Manifold with feed plumbing and pump
  • (1) 44"x46.5" ¾" Plywood
  • (1) 44" piece of 2x6
  • (1) Instructions

Three Tray Bottom Heat Package

The Three Tray Bottom Heat Package includes heat mats and a thermostat to keep the seedlings at optimum temperatures. Components included are as follows:

  • (1) Quad Stat Thermostat (can power up to 4 heat mats)
  • (2) 44in by 22in heat mats
  • Required plastic and wire mesh

NutriDose 1 with Peristaltic Pump

The NutriDose 1 with Peristaltic Pumps option provides 24/7 reservoir monitoring as it automates pH and nutrient adjustments for you. This simple yet rugged controller is constantly taking readings of the pH and nutrient conductivity in your reservoir and making adjustments accordingly based on set points. Components included are as follows:

  • (1) NutriDose 1 Controller
  • (1) Triple Peristaltic Pump with necessary fittings and hoses
  • (1) CF Probe
  • (1) pH Probe
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1) Rio 200 Pump
  • (1) 16oz of all buffers; pH4, pH7 and 27.7 calibration solution
  • (1) Sample Pot with fittings
  • (1) Instructions

NutriDose PC Interface Package

The NutriDose PC Interface Package connects between the NutriDose controller and a PC computer. Software that comes with this package is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8. Data log information and remote control access are the benefits of this package. The CompuGrow software allows all readings and settings to be viewed, settings to be changed and logged data to be viewed graphically. The logged data can include EC, pH, Nutrient temperature, solar energy, integrated solar (if an environment sensor is added) and can also display air temperature and humidity. Components included are as follows:

  • (1) PC Interface
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1) Serial Cable
  • (1) Comms board (preattached to the NutriDose)
  • (1) CompuGrow software (to be downloaded at manufacturers website)

System has a two-year warranty, pump has one-year


American Hydroponics

American Hydroponics - AmHydro Logo

American Hydroponics is a small, U.S. operation that has made a huge and growing global impact. We are located in a coastal college town in northern California, but our hydroponic systems are currently saving over 250,000 gallons of water a day worldwide.

AmHydro has been designing and building innovative, hydroponic systems for over 30 years. We manufacture and help to install food-grade growing systems for small and large operations. Our systems are operating in over 60 countries and in many of the States. They range in size from 5-plus feet (for hobbyists and educators) to 5-plus acres for commercial suppliers of Whole Foods and Costco.

AmHydro also develops its own additive and nutrient formulations, and works with customers to create custom formulations for their needs. Our experts have developed solutions for a range of growing pains based on over 30 years of experience.

We are driven by the dream of seeing fresh, clean, local food grown and consumed in communities everywhere. That dream is becoming more and more possible with the efficient and productive technologies we have developed, and with inspired growers like you.

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