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Can Fan Group - Can 10" Max-Fan, 1023 CFM (CF340430)

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Can Fan Group - Can 10" Max-Fan, 1023 CFM (CF340430)
Can Fan Group - Can 10" Max-Fan, 1023 CFM (CF340430)Can Fan Group - Can 10" Max-Fan, 1023 CFM (CF340430)
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12.6 lb
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The Max Fan Saves Energy! The Max-Fan Saves Space!

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Small airtight housing
  • Lower lifetime cost
  • Easy installation
  • Cost of energy is 70-90% of lifetime cost
  • Lightweight & compact design saves on shipping costs

The Max-Fan Is Quiet!

  • High aerodynamic efficiency
  • Optimized mixed flow is quieter than other fans of the same size

The Can-Fan Max Fans bring centrifugal fans to a new level. More powerful and efficient than standard centrifugal fans, the Max Fan has the power to move air efficiently. Comes with an 8' power cord and a 5 year warranty.


Can Filter Group

Can Filter Group

Can Filters are industry leaders in innovative air ventilation systems. With over three decades experience in revolutionary packed bed activated carbon filters, Can Filters offers the complete package for your air ventilation needs with filters, fans, and accessories. For times when you need as close to 100% uncontaminated air as possible, rely on Can Filters and Fans.

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