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C.A.P. - EBB-Monster Kit, 55 Gallon Drum & 3.5 Gallon Cntlr &pumps (CAEBBMRCKIT)

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C.A.P. - EBB-Monster Kit, 55 Gal Drum & 3.5 Gallon Cntlr &pumps (CAEBBMRCKIT)
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50 lb
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55 Gal Drum with 3.5 gallon controller and two pumps.


C.A.P. Custom Automated Products

C.A.P. Custom Automated Products

C.A.P. (Custom Automated Products) Brand has been picked up by Hydrofarm, and they have been continuing some products after the company that owned C.A.P had gone out of business in 2013. Shop all of C.A.P. (Custom Automated Products) line today at discounted prices, we do have limited stock on some items in this brand. For alternative options for CAP Controllers that have been discontinued see our Environmental Controllers category.

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