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Agrolux DE 1000W Complete System 240-277V (DL-HT101206)

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AgroLUX 240-277V DE Reflector (DL-HT101206)
AgroLUX 240-277V DE Reflector (DL-HT101206)AgroLUX 240-277V DE Reflector and Philips GreenPower Plus LampAgrolux DE 1000W Complete System 240-277V (DL-HT101206)
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8.6 lb
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18 × 9.25 × 10.23 in
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AgroLUX 240-277V DE Complete System comes with a semi-open reflector (from Germany) with heat shield and a double-ended 1000watt bulb from Philips. The Philips GreenPower Plus Lamp has undergone extensive lighting tests to determine that the Agrolux Double-Ended Reflectors were a suitable match with their patented DE lamp design for indoor grow facilities. The AgroLUX housing is made of powder coated white aluminum and is extremely compact in design. With the use of energy efficient electronics, a big cooling fins’ surface and a heat shield, it stays remarkably cool. So much light from just one luminaire!


  • Reflector: Pebbled aluminuma semi-open reflector (from Germany) with heat shield
  • Lamp: Philips HPS 1000 watt Green Power Plus
  • Ballast: Pre-switched ballast with voltage protector
  • Power Cord: 10ft
  • Voltage: 240-277
  • Amp: 3.7-5.3
  • µMol: 2,100 output
  • Certification: UL Approved



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Agrolux is a worldwide supplier of assimilation lighting for horticulture. They differentiate themselves with their expert advice, leading service, and unrivaled quality. They produce their own grow lights and export them to distribution centers worldwide. Their broad knowledge, extensive experience, as well smart and innovative technical solutions, makes them stand out in the horticultural supply industry. Agrolux will happily provide you with good, honest advice that fits perfectly with your company and your goals.

Since 2002 Agrolux has continued to grow yearly in size and production numbers. Their employees come from diverse corners of the horticultural / greenhouse world. Because of their team's practical experience they're truly subject matter experts and can provide you with the best advice about the most optimal lighting solutions for your project!

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