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ChillKing - 3 HP ChillKing Chiller (HSCK3)

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ChillKing - 3 HP ChillKing Chiller (HSCK3)
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700 lb
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The Chillking 3 HP chiller is specifically designed for water-cooled gardening applications. This self-contained chiller offers a small footprint and includes a 16 gallon stainless steel reservoir and 1/2 HP Flotec pump. It has a digital chiller controller mounted inside the chiller cabinet with no need for additional reservoir or pump.



ChillKing - Commercial Grade Water Chillers & HVAC Systems

ChillKing - Commercial Grade Water Chillers & HVAC Systems are built using the highest quality components. They are one of the few manufacturers that have stainless steel reservoir tanks. Chillking's refrigeration evaporator is manufactured by Chillking in house. Every Chillking water chiller is load tested and must produce at 110% of the BTU rating for that model. No matter your need, hydroponics, brewery, distillery, residential, low temp, medical MRI, yogurt, fast food, margarita machines, clean rooms, laboratories, food safe, dry cleaner, all industries, residential, hot tub heater/plunge pool, and air conditioning, Chillking has a model for you.

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