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Gavita Professional Grow Lighting

Gavita Professional Grow Lighting

Gavita Holland Grow Lighting for horticulture and professional applications is the leading brand for double ended (DE) grow light fixtures, plasma lights and specialty reflectors and ballasts.

Gavita is the oldest specialized horticultural lighting company, building on more than 30 years of accumulated knowledge and innovation. Founded in Norway, Gavita is now comprised of three different independent local companies, in Norway, The Netherlands and Canada. Together we serve customers world-wide with innovative and reliable lighting solutions.

In 1994 Gavita introduced their first GAN fixtures to the Dutch market. Since then Gavita innovations have become industry standards. Gavita introduced for example the 600W HPS lamp in 1995, the famous internal reflector lamp in 1998, Miro aluminium reflectors in 2002, the first (adjustable) electronic ballasts in 2003 and recently in 2010 the solid state Light Emitting Plasma fixture.

For greenhouses and indoor facilities we design lighting plans using high-tech computer models. Our testing facilities include Ulbricht integrating spheres for accurate light measurements. Gavita develops and implements new technology, such as plasma light and high frequency electronic ballasts. Our innovative reflector designs offer the highest efficiency in the market.

Gavita has developed into one of the leading authorities in the area of assimilation lighting. We serve customers world-wide and our installations range from 1 - 40,000 units per customer. As a development partner of Philips, General Electric and Osram, Gavita designs and produces state of the art electronic ballasts, high efficiency reflectors and complete fixtures. The the key values of Gavita are customer service and product excellence. Always in the forefront of technology Gavita is synonymous for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

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Gavita Professional Grow Lighting