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Southwest Windpower Air 30 24V Wind Turbine

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Southwest Windpower Air 30 24V Wind Turbine
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13 lb
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For 20 years, Southwest Windpower, based in Flagstaff, Arizona, has brought low-cost, reliable, clean energy to the world. As the world's largest producer of small wind generators, we've pioneered new technologies to make renewable energy simple.

The World's #1 selling off-grid, small wind turbine provides clean, green energy for a wide variety of electrical products that can be run off of batteries, such as, water pumping, small cabins, garages or sheds, RVs, landscape lighting and various other hobby activities.

•Lightweight and easy to install
•Permanent mold cast aluminum body with 3 carbon fiber composite blades
•Plug and play battery connection with LED communication
•Integrated overcharge protection for peak power production
•Starts producing energy in low wind
•May be installed using Southwest Windpower tower kits or roof mounts - sold separately
•#1 choice worldwide for use in off-grid, Hybrid wind and solar applications
•Includes industry best 5 year limited warranty
•Made in the U.S.A. and CSA certified for Canada
•Not intended for marine environments
•See product manual for more details
•MFG Brand Name : Southwest Windpower
•MFG Model # : 1-AR30-10-24


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