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Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers

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Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Front)
Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Front)Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Tube Side Front)Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Tube Side Rear)
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Product Weight: 
34 lb
Product Dimensions: 
14 × 19.75 × 16 in
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Description and Overview 

Introducing the brand new 2-speed hanging Modine style air to water heat exchanger (air handler)! This unit has adjustable louvers and a generously powered 2-Speed (High/Low) fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it!

These units are made from the highest quality materials for a long life and great utility even in the harshest workshop or greenhouse environments. Each unit comes pre-drilled with mount points for quick and painless installation. These units are most commonly used as ceiling mounted air handlers in: work shops, garages, warehouses, and greenhouses. They can also be used as dry chillers when outdoor temperatures are sufficiently divergent from process temperatures, eg: to directly chill irrigation water, or to help cool chilled water loops for other heat exchange applications using free cooling capacity from the great outdoors. Hard to beat free!

Each unit comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty to cover any significant fan or heat exchanger failures.

* Note: These units require 110/120V power supply; so they can be controlled with a 110V thermostat, or alternatively be used with simple On/Off switch, On/Off/On (for 2-speed functionality) or even plugged directly into a standard 110/120V outlet.

* Note: Unit does not include cord and will need to be wired by end user -- basic wiring diagram/instructions will be provided.


  • 2-Speed Motor
  • Low power consumption!
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Sealed electrical housing, includes compression-fit silicone gasket.
  • Pe-installed terminal block for easy installation (no soldering or wire caps requried!).
  • Easily serviced motor housing -- for easy motor maintenance, and access to clean heat exchanger.
  • Generous heat exchanger surface area.
  • Durable galvanized steel housing.


  • Capacity: 25,000 BTU (Cooling w/ 30F dT) & 100,000 BTU (Heating w/ 120F+ dT)
  • Ports: Single-pair 1 inch copper ports (not threaded)
  • Fan: 2-speed / 519 CFM & 812 CFM
  • Max Pressure: 175 PSI
  • Max Temperature: 350F
  • Decibels: 66dB @ 1'
  • Width: 19 ¾"
  • Height: 16"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Product Weight: 34
  • Shipping Weight: 35



Zephaire - Air to Water Heat Exchangers

Zephaire Air to Water Heat Exchangers are designed for maximum utility, value, and unrivaled reliability in even the harshest of environments. Whether you're adding climate control for your garage, a commercial greenhouse, or augmenting the heating and cooling in your home, you'll find everything you need in one of our Zephaire Air to Water Heat Exchangers!

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