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Henkelman Vacuum Sealers

Henkelman - Commercial Vacuum Sealer Systems

Enjoy the benefits of food packing

Vacuum packing is an effective way to extend the shelf life of a product and to protect it against external elements. The removed air also takes away the oxygen. This is exactly what is necessary to prevent aerobic micro-organisms from spoiling food products.

Vacuum technology and innovation

With the right vacuum packaging machine, equipped for a particular application, vacuum packing becomes easy because of the numerous possibilities. From a chamber vacuum sealer for food service and catering to sous-vide cooking in both restaurants and hotels. A professional vacuum packaging machine offers endless opportunities and savings!

For example, Sensor Control guarantees reliability, operational ease and an optimal cycle time. Furthermore, the options Liquid Control and Advanced Control System generate many advantages for end users in all industries.

How does it work?

The principle of vacuum technology is rather easy. The vacuum bag that contains the product, is placed in the chamber. The open side of the bag lies over the sealing bar. When the lid is closed, the machine automatically carries out the vacuum process that consists of the following stages.

Stages vacuum packing process:

  1. Extraction of air
  2. Sealing
  3. Soft Air
  4. Aeration
Henkelman - Marlin 52 II Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush System (744704)

Henkelman - Commercial Vacuum Sealer Systems


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Henkelman - Commercial Vacuum Sealer Systems